About us

Campopineda SL was founded in November 2010 by descendants of D. Manuel Martinez Pineda, who should be the name of the company. Mill is put forward to seeing her grow a project reaffirms the role of oil in our culture. We work every day with the goal of continuous improvement and innovation, devoting time and resources to the collaboration with our clients, agro-food companies and research centers. Campopineda ladenominación source has "Montes de Granada", and is host to the Program of Integrated Production of Andalusia. Campopineda is much more than an oil factory. No wonder that we are now considered one of the most influential brands of oil in our environment. Because we focus on olive oil as a way of understanding our roots, something about what we can do many people enjoy. Our philosophy is to prepare a gourmet quality oil. Move toward that idea always supported by qualified professionals, who give the best of their time and effort to bring to your table a unique oil, a certified quality.

Our commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability and dissemination of everything related to the olive are evident in each of the four levers differentials on which our value contributed vertebramos: caring for our trees, our production process, our oils and a unique Visitable Almazara Andalusia and ambitious in conception of industrial spaces, exhibitions and gastronomic uniquely integrated in rural Granada.