Oils Campopineda S.L. offers customers the choice between several different payment methods:
Bank Transfer:
You can make a deposit or bank transfer from your bank account to our company has opened in Caja Rural:
Beneficiary: Oils Campopineda S.L.
Account number: 3023 0186 23 5268974101
To expedite the shipment of your order must send us proof of your income email
It is essential to indicate the number of your order to make the transfer so we can identify your payment.
To transfer from outside Spain will need the following information:
SWIFT (or BIC): Caja Rural BCOEESMM023 IBAN (International Bank Account Number):  ES3730230186235268974101
Credit Cards:
If you choose this method of payment will enter into an area of the website where you will be asked your credit card number and expiration date.
For peace of mind, Caja Rural guarantees absolute safety, as well as the personal data card is encrypted through the SSL secure server provided by the financial institution.
Data on credit card are not recorded in any database, but go directly to the POS (Point of Sale) Bank.
Also, at no time Campopineda Oils receives data from your card, just confirmation of your payment.
Credit Card (via Paypal)
You can pay for your purchases with your VISA or Master Card. This will draw Paypal's secure platform where, for making the payment, you will be asked a series of basic data.
Payment by Paypal
For your safety and speed, this system is known worldwide one of the most used today in Internet sales. To pay for their purchases through this system must have a Paypal account. For more information visit